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Welcome to MLIS, a small translation agency with a big vision.

We provide the very best in Interpreting & Translation services to a diverse portfolio of clients. Diversity is the key to the way we deliver our Interpreting & Translation services. We understand that no two jobs are the same: your needs are individual, and the language services you require will be unique to each assignment. Thatís why we tackle each project with a fresh approach, listening carefully to your requirements, and delivering work that is accurate, effective and completely confidential.


The speed and scope of todayís communications have made the world a smaller place, and itís never been easier to speak to colleagues and customers all over the world. In such a multi-lingual environment itís crucial that your translation agency understands not only the content of your communications, but their tone of voice, message and the required response as well.

Founded in 1998, we have grown from an initial specialisation in the voluntary sector to a broad spectrum of Interpreting and Translation services. Our client base has grown with us, and now includes some major suppliers within the public sector as well as a prestigious portfolio of business and commercial clients.

100% accurate

Whatever the size or importance of the organisation weíre working for, we will apply the same high standards and degree of attention to every assignment, large or small. We know how important it is to you that your Interpreting Sessions and Translations are 100% accurate and truly reflect what you have to say. That is why we take so much care and pride in what we do. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.


Albanian , Amharic , Arabic , Armenian , Asl , Azerbaijani , Azeri , Bengali , Berber , Bosnian , Bravanese , Bulgarian , Burmese , Cambodian , Cantonese , Croatian , Czech , Danish , Dari , Dinka , Dutch , Estonian , Farsi , Finnish , Flemish , French , Fula , Fulani , Ga , Georgian , German , Greek , Gujarati , Hebrew , Hindi , Hungarian , Igbo , Italian , Japanese , Kinyarwanda , Korean , Kosovan , Krio , Kurdish , Kurmanji , Latvian , Lingala , Lithuanian , Mandarin , Mandinka , Mongolian , Oromo , Pashto , Polish , Portuguese , Punjabi , Romanian , Russian , Serbian , Shona , Sinhalese , Slovak , Slovenian , Somali , Sorani , Spanish , Swahili , Swedish , Sylhetti , Tagalog , Taiwanese , Tamil , Telugu , Thai , Tigre , Tigrinya , Turkish , Twi , Ukrainian , Urdu , Uzbek , Vietnamese , Wolof , Yoruba

  • Translation

    In a multicultural, multi-lingual society, the process of translation has never been more important. And the gulf between a good translation service and a bad translation service has never been wider.
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  • Interpreting

    The world of international communication Ė whether itís commercial, legal or political Ė would not function without the services of interpreters.
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    Public Service Interpreting

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